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The Future Is

KOKO, Cafe KOKO, NW1 7JE, [Venue Details]

An evening of live acoustic music featuring three artists, expect to hear soulful, R&B led singer-songwriter vibes. Artists on the night are Hoshama, Stef Montanaro and RAHEAVEN

Hoshama Alt R&B/Indie singer-songwriter Hoshama is ready to the take the world by storm by standing out with her ability to move people with her soulful voice and touching lyrics. Hoshama wants to create music that heals, inspires and motivates those listening to it.

Stef Montanaro A fresh take on the world of Pop, Soul and R&B, Stef draws on sensitive subject matters such as woman empowerment, mental health, heartbreak and self- love, by using her lyrics to convey powerful messages, accompanied by timeless and jazzy instrumentals. Her effortless, silky vocals bring a sense of originality that the world is yet to hear.

RAHEAVEN The sweetly vocalled British-Eritrean singer is bringing a fresh and distinctly London lens to ‘00s R&B both sonically and visually. Unafraid to speak her mind and state her case with candid, situational song writing to the running thread of self-worth, self-love and just doing better, she’s a welcome addition to the scene and a necessary voice in the industry.' - NME 100

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  • Performer name: Hoshama, Stef Montanaro, RAHEAVEN

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