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The Dublin Castle, NW1 7AN, [Venue Details]

The Family Drunk Xmas Party seems to becoming a bit of a tradition…abandon all thoughts of Christmas shopping the first Saturday of December, head to the Dublin Castle for 2-ish in the afternoon and enjoy the far more productive pastime of drinking and assured punk and roll funtime frivolity!

Legendary Too Drunk play punk rock of ages, from 1960 garage, to 1970s front room thru 1980s squat and 1990s frat shack – all punk life is here. They are legendary, and they are drunk, but not too drunk to play a blinder an entertain you of a Saturday afternoon.

Twister- sharing some DNA and indeed members (arf) with The Too Drunk, Twister go soooooo far back with Bugbear we didn’t even exist…I’m talking 1993 and the halcyon days of Club Zitt, which was a great name for a club if you smoked tons of weed, no idea what the fuck I was thinking now. Anyway Twister’s Britpop new wave uber singalong tunes appeal should have made them megastars a decade or three ago, but somehow did not- at least it means singer Matt can still climb the Dublin Castle furniture and rigging unbridled. Much entertainment.

The Chaos Brothers- the opening act. They really are brothers and are truly chaotic. Let the drinking commence.

More Information

  • Admission: £5.50

  • Performer name: Twister

  • Other key names: The Legendary Too Drunk, The Chaos Brothers

  • Age restriction: 18+

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