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Dream Pop, Folk, Psychedelic

Paper Dress Live presents: Bishopskin, Oslo Twins, Tabitha Avanzato

Paper Dress Vintage, E8 1HR, [Venue Details]

Another superb gig coming your way, courtesy of Paper Dress Live with Bishopskin plus support.

With their unique choice of style and themes, Bishopskin challenge us to engage with a spiritual experience of the world at a time when spirituality is a dangerous theme to approach.

Bishopskin - When music scenes are dominated by a frantic need to be ‘cool’, the truest kind of transgression may very well lie in openly exploring those themes that may be deemed stereotypically ‘uncool’ – discovering their true depth and relevance in the process.

This is the task Bishopskin are setting for themselves and their audience, and it’s a hugely rewarding one. In the age of appearance, to knowingly buck the trend is exactly the kind of subversion good live music is all about.

Oslo Twins - Oslo Twins feature diverse influences and effective pop methodology in their compositions. Bringing hooks and pop melodies to the resulting sound. A refreshing approach to a saturated playing field.

Tabitha Avanzato - Psychedelic dream folk from your local chi purveryor.

This show is part of the 'Hello Again, Hackney' series which Hackney are running to encourage local residents to return to the borough's grassroots music venues after a very difficult period.

Each purchase admits 2 guests, 1 guest must show proof of Hackney residency.

More Information

  • Admission: £8.00


  • Performer name: Bishopskin

  • Other key names: Oslo Twins, Tabitha Avanzato

  • Age restriction: This is an 18+ event

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