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IKLECTIK presents: Algorave

IKLECTIC, SE1 7LG, [Venue Details]

Algoraves are parties where artists and musicians experiment with algorithmic tools to create audiovisual code-driven performances.

Since starting in 2012 Algoraves have established a large global community that encourages experimentation, active participation in the development of software tools, and, most importantly, creating fun and engaging music and visuals!

This Algorave at IKLECTIK brings together live coding artists from across the UK to present performances spanning all of what Algoraves offer, including techno, dark ambient, gabber and more.

Featured audio and visual artists include: * eye measure * hellocatfood * +777000 & nunez * Tyger Blue * mxwx + The Animalizer * Michael-Jon Mizra.

More Information

  • Admission

    Min: £9.00

    Max: £15.00

  • Special: £9 Students / £12.50 Adv / £15 OTD

  • Performer name: Please see event detail

  • Doors open: 8:00 pm

  • Age restriction: This is an 18+ event

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