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IKLECTIC, SE1 7LG, [Venue Details]

An evening of deconstructed club sounds, percussive noise and harsh industrial synthesis.

Aja Ireland - an award-winning sound and performance artist making deconstructed club and industrial techno whose live shows are described in The WIRE Magazine as “Shifting from ethereal diffusions to potent explosions.”

With 3 successful UK and European tours, selling out multiple shows and headlining major festivals such as CTM, Sonic Acts and Supersonic, the new live performances reveal a new, vulnerable transformation of the performer.

Lukas Koenig - an Austrian musician who is primarily a drummer. But there’s a lot more than percussion happening on his latest solo album, Buffering Synapsis (opal tapes), from sputtering noise to fractured circuit breaking to creepy horror-soundtrack ambience.

Using electronics and pedals along with his cymbal, Koenig lets his imagination fly, leading to fascinating juxtapositions between tracks and sometimes even inside them.

Bride - an experimental artist manipulating field recordings and synthesis. Influenced by a deeply rooted melomania, they are interested in the realm of noise and industrial music — using collected recordings to construct allegorical tales within harsh and dissonant environments.

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  • Admission

    Min: £13.00

    Max: £16.00

  • Special: £13 Advance / £16 OTD

  • Performer name: AJA, Lukas Koenig, Bride

  • Doors open: 8:00 pm

  • Age restriction: This is an 18+ event

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