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Celebrating Zabetas

Theatro Technis, NW1 1TT, [Venue Details]

An evening celebrating the music of Zabetas. Feel good, upbeat and dancy, soulful, humorous and always poignant, he captured the hearts and minds of a nation.

Zabetas is one of the warmest, relatable and talented Greek musicians of all time. His catchy, melodic songs, filled with the down to earth tragedy and comedy of the human condition that anyone could relate to, made his songs part of the DNA of Greek life.

As one of the most recognized musicians in Greece he worked for many years in cinema with stars such as Aliki Vougiouklakai. He both appeared in films and wrote music for them, with songs such as “siko horepse syrtaki”. He claimed to have been influenced greatly by both Vamvaklaris and Tsitsanis, but his music is unmistakably his own and has it’s unique identity and place in Greek musical history. In many of his songs he makes references to nightingales and swallows. Zabetas himself said that he loved to go and sit in the forests listening to nightingales. There singing gave him ideas for his melodies.

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  • Admission

    Min: £10.00

    Max: £15.00

  • Concessions: Please click here for more info

  • Performer name: Plastikes Karekles, Maria Tsirodimitri, Manolis Taouxis

  • Other key names: George Angelopoulos, Pavlos Carvalho, George Tsolakis

  • Duration: 2 hour(s) 45 min(s)

  • Interval: Yes

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