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Faye Patton

Toulouse Lautrec Jazz Club, SE11 4RN, [Venue Details]

Toulouse Lautrec is proud to have the Jazz Pixie, Faye Patton blow you away with her versatile sound. Indoctrinated into the music stratosphere by the guiding light of gospel – learning how to sing and play, also taught that in gospel, there are no limits to the musical influence you can learn from.

This unique background definitely adds to her complex and riveting tone. When it comes to composing, Faye recorded her latest Album Dangerous Loving which embodies her love of latin, jazz, soul and blues – orchestrating a band and letting her talents loose – experience the Patton musical express here.

Recently featured in publications such as Women in Jazz by Sammy Stein and Giving Birth to Sound – women in creative music, it’s clear her talents do not go unnoticed as you will find when you book and come on down to see for yourselves.

Gareth Hayes from Rock n’ Reel describes Faye’s unique sound as “Smoke-fuelled and chameleon-like…supreme effort of both freeform and choreographed musicianship.” Mastering both piano and guitar, able to flit between both instruments as a soloist and band leader – this will not be your average piano bar gig.

When discussing how she chooses to compose – Faye tells us she “let’s the instruments tell me what they want to play.” This intuition has served her well and we can’t wait to hear more.

More Information

  • Admission: £3.00

  • Special: £3 music fee to reserve a table

  • Performer name: Faye Patton

  • Duration: 2 hour(s)

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