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Café Oto, E8 3DL, [Venue Details]

Great triple-bill from London based experimental music collective, Sagome featuring live sets from Tallinn-based, Ukrainian sound artist, Nikolaienko, and Berlin-based guitar-focused project, IRIS, plus a DJ set from Baroque Sunburst label co-founder, Big Hands.

Nikolaienko is a Ukrainian sound artist currently based in Tallinn, Estonia. Dmytro works mainly with outdated musical gear, which he uses to produce tape and cassette loops as a base material for his sound collages, like in his recent album “Rings” (2021), released on Jan Jelinek’s Faitiche label.

Heading from Berlin, IRIS are named after a Soviet-era Czech guitar: the Jolana Iris. The project is dedicated to this guitar, which the artist’s dad used to play in the 80s. "The mysterious Iris turns in a whole LP of elegantly dubbed-out and drifting folk miniatures for Tax Free Records. There’s an addictive air of mystery here - soft drum machines bubble up around chiming guitar and smeared electronics."

Big Hands is a DJ and Producer known for his serpentine and labyrinthine electronic productions, in 2020 he founded - alongside Soreab - the label Baroque Sunburst which has released new and futuristic dance music.

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  • Admission

    Min: £8.00

    Max: £14.00

  • Performer name: NIKOLAIENKO, IRIS, BIG HANDS

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