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Leo Power + PAKAW! / flamenco & Greek music

Jamboree, WC1X 9HH, [Venue Details]

A night of flamenco and Greek music at Jamboree with Leo Power + PAKAW!
Leo Power is a flamenco singer from Andalusia, Spain with a love world music and jazz.

Evident in her voice is the flavour of her hometown of Cádiz, the Mediterranean port that for so long was the gateway to the Americas, where Cuban music, Argentinian tangos, jazz, blues, alegrías, tanguillos, bulerías and chuflas meet.

So inextricably linked to its trading history, flamenco meshed itself with the rhythms of Latin guajiras, colombianas, milongas and rumbas that arrived back with the passengers of the returning ships. From this emerged ‘Los Cantes de Ida y Vuelta’, ‘Songs of Departure and Return’. Leo is part of this long and still developing musical history.

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