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Mozart Fest 2022 Final Concert

St Paul's Church, WC2E 9ED, [Venue Details]

Join us for Mozart's deeply-moving Requiem in D Minor K626, a work full of dramatic fire and tender lyricism. Our concert also includes Mozart's fine Piano Concerto in C major, K415, composed in Vienna in 1782-3 for one of Mozart's subscription concerts.

Mozart's Requiem in D minor K626 is a work full of dramatic fire and tender lyricism, rendered even more poignant by the composer's tragic death at the age of 35, leaving the Requiem incomplete. Completed by his pupil Sussmayr the Requiem displays Mozart's extraordinary ability to compose music of ethereal beauty and transcendent power.

His Piano Concerto in C major K415 reveals the composer's more playful side, with music of sparkling wit and elegant refinement. As usual Mozart never wastes a single note -

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