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Stablefolk 'Unspoken Tales'

The Pheasantry, SW3 4UT, [Venue Details]

Stablefolk bring their resonant and reassuring sounds to the Pheasantry for their EP launch gig, following their debut release: 'Unspoken Tales'.

This contemporary jazz band is fronted by James Pettinger, passionate composer and pianist, who gathers songs and sounds from folk, singer-songwriters, and music that falls between the cracks. In the midst of its sweeping arcs and epic builds, Stablefolk balances the joyful alongside the melancholy, creating musical moments that transcend genre.

Touchstones for this ensemble include such diverse artists as Pat Metheny, James Taylor, Shai Maestro, and Dave Matthews Band – though truly this band forges its own path, playing warm, tonal music, with a strong sense of home.

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