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Late Late Show with Tomorrow's Warriors Biggish Band

Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club, W1D 4HT, [Venue Details]

Two sizzling line-ups of the TOMORROW’S WARRIORS BIGGISH BAND – eight young musicians from Tomorrow’s Warriors, a much loved institution that has encouraged and nurtured young talent, and been at the forefront of UK jazz since 1991.

The ensemble will handle some JB funk, as well as ‘straight-ahead’ including seleactions from his 1977 album ‘Home in the Country’.

In the second set, musicians from the Pee Wee Ellis Funk Assembly who played in the preceding main show, will be invited to perform with the ensemble.

Tomorrow’s Warriors is a leading talent development agency, creative producer, music educator and consultancy specialising in jazz. Founded in 1991, we help aspiring young artists discover their magic, nurture nascent talent, achieve creative ambitions, and build engaged, diverse audiences.

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