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Psychedelic, Rock

The Mynd Set

229. London, Venue 1, W1W 5PN, [Venue Details]

Filling a space that has long been empty in the British music scene, The Mynd Set are the era-bending, genre-defying purveyors of psychedelic freakbeat not seen since the heady days of Swinging London.

Rising from the ashes of The Petty Hoodlums, a band that had earned infamy for their enthusiastic covers of beat classics, inadvertently inventing their own unique Heavy Mod genre, they continue to offer unmatched power and excitement.

This time the likes of Steve Marriott and Pete Townshend are relegated from composer to influence as the burgeoning compositional genius of axe-wielding scallywag Leon Hewitt and organist Parsley The Lion (he of Dutronc and The Solar Flares fame) instead becomes the writing and arranging focus of their act.

More Information

  • Admission: £13.50

  • Performer name: The Mynd Set

  • Age restriction: This is an 18+ event

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