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Filomena Campus Quartet with Steve Lodder, Charlie Pyne, and Rod Youngs

Pizza Express Jazz Club, W1D 3RW, [Venue Details]

‘Sirens’ song’ is the musical picture of the uniqueness of the voice, irresistibly powerful, dangerously seducing and giving pleasure to whoever hears it.

Vocalist Filomena Campus draws you into the dreamy fairy world of Queen Mab, the mythical Janas creatures of Sardinian folk tales, and the irresistible Sirens’ voices in Homer’s Odyssey. Irony resonates in the song ‘Queen of clowns’, a tribute to the Italian theatre artist Franca Rame.

Advocating the female side of jazz, Campus presents songs about creatures and characters from myths, fairy tales and the world of theatre that have inspired her work.

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