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Blue Eyed Giants

The Grace, N5 1RA, [Venue Details]

Blue Eyed Giant’s music amalgamates an array of rock sub-genres. Equipped with crushing breakdowns and rhythmic intricacies, whilst exploring vocal versatility through screams and gentle melody. Life affirming songs that shift from engulfing heaviness into contagious, melodic delicacy.

The band’s fierce musicianship in all fields showcases that they are pioneering a new unique take on modern alternative rock music. Blue Eyed Giants signed to Famined Records in June 2020 and subsequently released their massive sounding track “Wide Awake” which tells a story of exploring a path to self discovery, and battling through hardships to come out stronger the other side.

Their latest track- Radio Silence – is their most popular yet. A strong headbanger packed with riffs and oozes hooks from all instruments.

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