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The Yeomen of the Guard

London Coliseum, WC2N 4ES, [Venue Details]

The Tower of London is the scene for a tangled web of melancholy and mirth in Gilbert & Sullivan’s beloved operetta, The Yeomen of the Guard. The arrival of a travelling troupe of performers sparks forbidden romances, fantastical plots and unrequited love.

The unjustly imprisoned Colonel Fairfax (Anthony Gregory, previously Nanki-Poo in The Mikado and former Harewood Artist) has a mutual attraction to the young daughter of the righteous Sergeant Meryll, one of the titular Beefeaters (Neal Davies). Phoebe (Heather Lowe) wishes Fairfax be released so they can have the wedding she desires, and enlists the help (and attraction) of Jack Point (Richard McCabe), a roving performer.

A classic Gilbert and Sullivan story ensues, with all the chaos that comes with it – but not necessarily the happy ending we expect from the duo…

More Information

  • Admission

    Min: £10.00

    Max: £160.00

  • Event Type: seated

  • Seating: Reserved

  • Performer name: Anthony Gregory, Neal Davies, Heather Lowe, Richard McCabe

  • Other key names: ENO Orchestra

  • Duration: 2 hour(s) 40 min(s)

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