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Aktion Music: Cosmorat + Guests

The Finsbury, N4 1BY, [Venue Details]

Cosmorat are a DIY band in London UK. Lead singer and songwriter, Taylor Pollock, hails from just outside of Pittsburgh, PA. Taylor met Olly Liu (lead guitarist) in Boston. They immediately connected and started writing together.

Their sound is an eclectic blend of Taylor and Olly’s influences, mixing lush 70’s harmonies with the angst and energy of a Midwest emo band on top of pedal boards of glitchy and fuzzy orchestrations from the guitars. With Lizzie Arnold (bass) and Daniel Akaoui (drums) holding down the rhythm section, they have crafted an energetic and emphatic live show.

Atli is an indie/Folk artist from the north of Iceland who's spent the last 2 years of his life writing and releasing music.

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