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Electronica: Vision of Sound IV

Rich Mix, The Stage, E1 6LA, [Venue Details]

Enjoy this amazing multi-sensory experience brought to you live on stage, as the Zabelov Group (CZ), Дeva (HU) and Late Arrivals (PL/UK) perform a combination of fabulous electronica and head-turning visuals.

Using a mix of accordion, drums and abstract vocals the Zabelov Group kick-start the evening with their unique blend of electronics and jazz embellishment to weave momentary moods and rhythmic sequences into complex cinematic music.

Taking over, the singer and songwriter Дeva, winner of a Music Moves Europe Award 2022, features atmospheric smooth sounds, thrumming beats and ethereal polyphonic mantras inspired by magical Hungarian folk songs which she skilfully weaves into spell-binding dance music.

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  • Admission: £15.00

  • Performer name: Zabelov Group, Дeva, Late Arrivals

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