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Limehouse de Reverie with the Cable Street Rag Band

Jamboree, WC1X 9HH, [Venue Details]

The Cable Street Rag Band’s new Thursday night residency at Jamboree. 1920s and ’30s jazz and swing all night long!

Limehouse de Reverie is a hot and wild jazz event like no other.

Suspended in the cultural rebellion of the 1920s through to the sweet swinging 1930s, it is an escape from stiff necked imposing concerts with its dance-crazy energy and bohemian informality!

The musicians, appreciators and swing enthusiasts, generate a fervent loose spirit. This is aided by regular off-the-record appearances from travelling musicians, talented singing locals from the audience and swing dance stars.

More Information

  • Admission

    Min: £10.00

    Max: £12.00

  • Performer name: Cable Street Rag Band

  • Duration: 5 hour(s)

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