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Café Oto, E8 3DL, [Venue Details]

Microtub consists of three microtonal tubas. Since 2010 they have explored microtonal music with their unique instruments.

Robin Hayward / microtonal F-tuba
Peder Simonsen / microtonal C-tuba
Martin Taxt / microtonal C-tuba

The trio have released five albums and performed at major experimental music festivals in Europe and America, such as FIMAV in Quebec, Sonic Acts in Amsterdam, Ultima in Oslo and Sound of Stockholm in Sweden

"the trio's music exudes a powerful visceral quality. Bite of the Orange sounds both strangely familiar and strikingly alien, clearly circumscribed yet filled with infinite possibilities. It is often said that all music has already been written. As Microtub's intriguing sonic research proves, whomever made this claim may just not have been digging deep enough" - Those who Make Waves

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