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The Analogues

The London Palladium, W1F 7TF, [Venue Details]

Does the world need another Beatles tribute band? Probably not if it’s all about wigs, suits, ‘yeah yeah yeahs’ and the earlier part of the Fab Four’s repertoire.

The Analogues, on the other hand, focus on The Beatles’ later work. We’re talking about the songs forged in the studio when the band’s creativity blossomed into outright genius. The Beatles themselves never toured with this material – however The Analogues do.

The five-piece band from The Netherlands perform The Beatles’ studio albums live, each album in its entirety, from start to finish.

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  • Admission

    Min: £34.70

    Max: £64.95

  • Event Type: seated

  • Seating: Reserved

  • Performer name: The Analogues

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