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The House of Love

The Garage, N5 1RD, [Venue Details]

The post-Smiths guitar pop of the House of Love was popular for a short time in the late ’80s and early ’90s, as many college and alternative rock fans became converts to their mixture of shiny ringing guitars.

The British group formed in 1986; it featured Guy Chadwick (vocals, guitar), Terry Bickers (guitar), Andrea Heukamp (vocals, guitar), Pete Evans (drums), and Chris Groothuizen (bass).

Their demo tape attracted the attention of Alan McGee, the head of Creation Records. McGee signed the band for a single, “Shine On,” which was released in May of 1987 to some critical acclaim; it and its follow-up, “Real Animal,” both sold poorly. Following a tour supporting the singles, Heukamp left the group.

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